Why Coworking is good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Last Updated: June 10, 2019 in Business Advice
At The Collective we strive to support our members’ MIND, BODY and SOUL which is why we asked Rosie and Lucy, founder of Rume2, an amazing, contemporary coworking space located in the heart of Chichester, to explain the importance of creating a healthy workspace.

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The importance of good mental health across all areas of your professional & personal life has never been more prominent, and with that many people are realising the importance of the environment you work within to a positive state of mind.

As a result of this many people are moving away from corporate careers, or jobs in an unhealthy workplace to set up on their own, go freelance or being their own entrepreneurial adventure.

However, those who take this brave step either to improve their work/life balance or run the business they have always dreamt of, often end up loving the work they are now doing, but perhaps not the place they are doing it in.

Solopreneurs & freelancers often find themselves working from home or coffee shops which, whilst offering nicer surroundings than the common office can often lead to feelings of isolation & anxiety.

This recent article from the Guardian highlighted this common problem and how people are trying to combat the issue by setting up their own support groups (such as the Collective!) or using a coworking space like ours.

So with that in mind when the Collective asked us to guest blog in advance of their June mingle we thought what better subject to talk about than how coworking can enhance your mind, body & soul.


Working by yourself all of the time can lead to all sorts of problems with your mind. Anxiety, loneliness and good old imposter syndrome can all creep up on you when you are least expecting it. In addition to this, a mind lacking in interaction can also lead to bad or lazy thinking and a lack of outside push to better yourself or challenge the norm. Working around others in the same boat will reap all sorts of rewards.

Let’s deal with the negative thoughts first. A problem shared is a problem halved. Just being around people who can help you deal with day to day issues, lend an ear or offer advice can revolutionise how positive you feel on a daily basis.

Photo by @grantritchie

Empathy is a real player here too, especially when it comes to imposter syndrome. Being around others who although talented & clever may also experience challenges or feel like they are winging it will help you realise that there are no people who have to “know it all” or get things right all of the time. So neither do you!

On the flip side, being around others doesn’t just help you with negative thoughts, it can also drive all sorts of creative thinking & ideas. Bouncing ideas off others, engaging in interesting conversations or even just listening can fire all the juicy synapse’s in your brain and help you improve your thinking and idea creation on a daily basis. Using others to challenge your own thinking will ensure you are always operating on your best form.

Just like great groups like the Chichester Collective, many coworking spaces will offer a wide program of talks & workshops to help you further your business skills & mind too. Rume2 is no exception.


Sitting at a desk at home or spending all day in a coffee shop eating pastries will have no positive effect on you physically at all. There are many physical benefits working at a coworking space can bring.

First up getting off your bottom and travelling to another place of work burns calories and gets you out in the fresh air. It also gives you better closure on work when you can leave it at the end of the day instead of always having your work at home. A good coworking space will also encourage you to take regular breaks from your desk. At Rume2 we have a weekly walk around Chichester on a Friday afternoon to get the blood flowing and make friends with other members.

Secondly, a good coworking space will provide healthy snacks to fuel your brain & body. As well as fresh brewed coffee, we also make sure we have herbal teas, fruit infused water and a selection of healthy snacks such as fruit or the every popular Nosh Balls. Using a coworking space means you are less tempted by the cake in the coffee shop or the contents of your fridge. If your will power is low then home is the worst place to be working for the waistline.

Lastly, a well design coworking space will ensure you have a supply of fresh air at all times. In addition to natural light & windows that open many like us will have a range of oxygen giving plants to help purify the air too.


Well, this one is simple. Coworking makes you happy! Loving what you do, working around others, working in a lovely stimulating environment and therefore being productive & successful are core ingredients of happiness right? Happiness is good for the soul.

If you are interested in finding out how Rume2 can enhance your mind, body & soul then please do book in on [email protected] for a Free Trial.