What is the Collective CiiC effect?

Last Updated: November 5, 2019 in Editorial
We founded The Collective in Chichester in July 2018. Fast forward 18 months and we are so excited to have now launched The Collective Southsea.

Photo courtesy of Anneli Marinovich

The Collective is our Passion Project. It is built on our shared ethos and approach to life of friendship, support and collaboration. Our vision is to redefine networking by building a thriving community of likeminded business owners and freelancers that creates opportunities for its members to Connect, Inspire, Inform and Collaborate.

We like to call this the CiiC effect and it runs through every Monthly Mingle we organise, every #tellyourbusinessstory and Expert Surgery coffee catch-up that takes place each month and there is some serious kick-ass CiiC effect happening on our dedicated online Inspiration Hub as well hosted by Mighty Networks.

Helen’s Why?

Photo courtesy of Anneli Marinovich

“The Collective was born out my feelings of isolation working as a freelancer and the overwhelm of trying to be an “expert” in everything in order to run my own business. Finding a balance between work and life is hard. It’s all too easy to become consumed by your business and to neglect physical and mental wellbeing. Every monthly evening Mingle is curated to support our members’ Mind, Body and Soul to help them to actively build on their business knowledge and encourage them to reflect, relax and celebrate their achievements.”

Abby’s Why?

Photo courtesy of Anneli Marinovich

“I am not a natural ‘business networker’ but my background in Public Relations and Marketing makes me a natural champion of people with a strong desire to shout about our members’ business story. We strive to create as many opportunities as possible to shine a spotlight on our members, their expertise and amazing talent. Whenever possible we collaborate with our members to feature in our Mind, Body and Soul line-up at our monthly Mingles. And at our twice-monthly Coffee Catch-Ups, members can ‘Tell Your Business Story’ or hold an ‘Expert Surgery’ that showcases their know-how to the benefit of other members.”

Business Networking. Redefined.

We want members to forget everything they thought they knew about networking. What we are building is a community of likeminded, independent professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs seeking a collaborative, supportive and inspirational approach to networking.

We can’t wait to meet more members, collaborators and curators and spread the Collective CiiC effect!

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