Top Tips for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Last Updated: November 2, 2021 in Business Advice

Do you want your customers who rave about you to everyone they meet? Do you know that a good review from a past client can be better than thousands spent on PR and marketing?
Recently we asked our members for their top tips for increasing customer satisfaction and we think they give incredible pause for thought. Have a read below for how you could make each and every one of your customers a walking advertisement for your business.

  1. Follow Up!

If your business is product based, or temporary service based like ours (at least on the web build side), check in with customers/clients from time to time.

How are you doing? How have you found the product? Is there anything we can do to support you more?

Clients/customers really appreciate it because they know they weren’t just a money making exercise, that actually, there’s a bit more of a relationship there.”

Daniel Meade, Speccy Media

2. Easy Feedback Button.

We haven’t done it yet but on our roadmap we are looking to introduce a quick feedback button that we can embed on emails after we’ve helped someone.  It has a happy face, neutral face and sad face so all the recipient has to do is click on it. If its a sad face then it spawns a process of getting in touch with the person to find out why, we then capture that feedback and improve.

Vince Cooper, Pinpoint Networks

3. Focus on Your Clients’ Feelings

Create an experience that focuses on how they’ll feel during the process of working with you, not just on the job that you’re doing for them.

For service providers for example it’s going above and beyond and thinking how you can make them feel nothing is too much trouble.For product based businesses it may be a simple touch such as sending a hand written note out with their order. All those little touches make each customer feel special and valued and they’re more likely to remember & recommend you.

Kim Balasubramaniam, Inimitable

4. Add Value.

Always think of ways you can add value without adding to your costs. Showing you understand their challenges and working with them to overcome them. It’s a cliche but ‘go the extra mile’ – this is always appreciated. Above all show you care. Care about the product or service, care about them and care about your ongoing relationship with them as a returning customer.

Savvy Sarah

5. Communication is Key.

Ask for client feedback – any feedback whether it be good or bad can help you to improve your services or products offering.

I find it really useful to check in with all our monthly clients once every 3 months and our ad-hoc clients after the project has finished. It really helps with building the relationship too.

Michelle Wright, First Rate PA Virtual Assistants

We hope these top tips help you and your business to flourish through simple and effective methods. H&A x