Top Tips for Avoiding Social Media Overwhelm

Last Updated: July 29, 2021 in Business Advice Social Media

Do you suffer from social media overwhelm? It’s real and it can be all consuming. We feel ya.
A few weeks ago we held a Coffee Catch Up on this subject and it seems it isn’t just us who suffer. Luckily we have some amazing social media experts in the community who are so willing to share their knowledge and advice to help us all. A huge thank you to member of the month Kate Horner of Sylva Social, Rachel of Mari Media, Debbie of The Chichester Social and Savvy Sarah for showing up to help our members and for these incredible tips.

  1. Take a step back.

If overwhelm is setting in and it is affecting your capacity to cope and focus then step back from it all for a while. Use this time to work out which platforms are most efficient for your business and focus on these on your return.

Kate Horner, Sylva Social

2. Do take holidays.

Treat yourself as you would a member of staff. Would you work for a company that gave you 0 holiday? Then don’t treat yourself this way. Your clients and followers expect you to take some time out and would even actively encourage it.

Rachel Markie, Mari Media

3. “Growth is fine but it needs to be sustainable”

Don’t be obsessed by numbers and followers. Count how many clients you can actually take on. If you’re at capacity or near capacity you don’t need loads of followers to be successful. You simply need to show up and be you. Serving your current clients well should be the priority because there is still no more effective marketing than word of mouth recommendations.

Kate Horner, Sylva Social

4. Avoid Imposter syndrome.

Remind yourself daily that you don’t know your competitors situation. If they seem to be showing up all the time on social and nailing it then be aware that this could mean that they don’t have any actual paid work OR that they are paying someone to do their social. Either way, stop the comparison and focus on you and your business.

Savvy Sarah

5. Don’t follow the crowd.

Creating short video content like Reels can feel daunting at first, but relax and give it a go (or don’t!). A Reel doesn’t have to be pointing and dancing. Look for inspiration beyond your line of business. Be authentic and create Reels content that feels natural to you. Behind the scenes or just what you get up to in your spare time may be more your thing. What’s the best that could happen?

Debbie Ford, The Chichester Social

We hope they help you to relax and set yourself realistic goals when it comes to your social strategy. Our top takeaway – allow yourself time out. H&A x