Nathaniel Loxley

Founding Director | Vitality Hemp Limited

Vitality Hemp make eco-lifestyle products for home, garden and DIY.

Our products encourage a healthy lifestyle bringing harmony with nature within their homes.

Packaged up in zero-waste, stylish packaging, our hemp products include:

SeedIt microgreen - hemp fibre matting enabling urban and health-conscious users to grow superfood microgreens from home or for commercial use
BeeHemp - Woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts can give their woodwork a lustrous finish with the safest on the market. No PPE necessary!
Travel Soap - Personal care: this 100% natural, kind-to-skin soap cleanses everything in perfect harmony with nature; ideal for campers, and slips easily into your luggage for air travel

Cosmetic Ingredients - for green personal care; this includes both gamma linolenic acid rich hemp ingredients and full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts