Kate Coote

Founder | Director | Chief Wordsmith | Kate Coote Ltd

I’m a Digital Marketer AND Professional Copywriter.

I help you elevate your business online. From website review, design and build to help with crafting killer copy that will ensure you get found in organic search results. But... You probably want to know how I got from A to B and what qualifies me to make these bold claims!

Over fifteen years ago, following a move halfway around the world to New Zealand, I started an e-commerce business that sold high-end fashion accessories.

In those days, websites were still very smoke and mirrors. There were no DIY platforms, so design agencies were the only route available. The costs to build a decent website fifteen years ago were eye-watering.

So, after I’d blown my marketing budget on a stunning site, I soon discovered that much of the ‘getting the word out’ was going to come down to me. I swiftly learned how to craft a media release that cut the mustard and became a very early adopter of content marketing.

After a few years, I decided I enjoyed writing more than anything else. So, I ditched the handbags and sparkly trinkets for my keyboard and began to help other businesses find their place online.

As a wordsmith, I craft killer copy. I find your business’ voice so that your audience engages more readily with you!