David Tipping

Trainer and Behaviourist - The Social Dog Club | The Social Dog Club


I have embarked on a venture based in Chichester called The Social Dog Club. I am passionate about bringing the community together through the love of our four legged friends.

I love creating experiences that both people and dogs enjoy and benefit from. The Social Dog Club is a new venture recognising that people welcome a dog into their lives to benefit from all the love and joy they bring as well as giving joy and love back. We see loving our dogs as a huge part of wellbeing and aim to help others experience this. So whether people want to connect with other dog owners and get out and about or need some help to get on track with training and enjoying life with their dog we are here for them. We aim to provide a safe space for you to be you. A real appreciation for every dog owner’s life style being different is something we understand with no judgement whatsoever.

I aim to provide activities promoting walking, talking and connecting for everyone including men's groups - we are in talks with the charity Dudes and Dogs which is something that would be so exciting for our area.

We would love to work collaboratively with local businesses.

I have worked in many roles over the years including as a senior wildlife keeper in the New Forest and in New Zealand (former skills include blacksmithing, plastering, farm support work and a college exotic animal technician)! As well as working with anything from lions, wolves, otters and owls... dogs have always been a firm winner for me. Embarking on a Canine Behaviour degree last year has made me excited to jump in fully this year! Here's to the next year for all of us.