Catriona Mason

Founder of Feed The Soul | Feed The Soul Therapy Rooms

I am a registered HG Therapist (Professional Standards Authority accredited). I also work for The Red Poppy Company, an organisation that provides support for the frontline workers including paramedics, fire fighters, nurses and teachers. I am a registered and approved therapist with PTSD Resolution Charity who support veterans with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Finally, I work in my own private practice from my rooms in Littlehampton and The Consulting Rooms in Brighton.

I trained as a mental health nurse, general adult nurse and hold a first-class degree in Midwifery. I am also a graduate with a 2:1 class Degree from Sussex university in Social Anthropology with Honors.

I have in total over 30 years experience of working and supporting adults and children in health and education settings and a wealth of experience in working with people who have physical and mental health issues.

I am also a qualified Yoga teacher currently working in a 1:1 therapy setting with my clients as well as in small groups focusing on Yoga's benefits to mental and physical well-being, to improve posture, relieve pain, to lift low mood, relieve anxiety, release tension and use breath to learn ways to de-escalate and relax.

My diverse and holistic knowledge and experience in the field of health means I have a strong understanding of the mind/body connection and how our physical state directly impacts on our emotional well-being.

Due to my experience as a midwife, I have a strong connection with issues pertaining to women's wellbeing. I can offer support with issues around PMS, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postnatal depression, motherhood and menopause.

As a health professional I have worked in hospital settings, ICU, specialist units and in the community. I have also worked in education with children needing extra educational and emotional support.

What's HG Therapy

HG therapy is the fastest, most effective treatment currently available. Research published in: Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice showed that:
• Human Givens therapy is 3 times more effective than the next most effective psychotherapy.
• Most people can be helped in 4-6 session although some people require only one or two sessions to achieve their required results. Some people with more complex difficulties may require more.

HG is a brief and solution focused therapy. The sessions are not designed to be multiple or long term. The intention is to work with the client to achieve the outcome they want in as short a time-frame as possible – and therefore they can move on, fully equipped for the next chapter.