Now is Your Time to Flourish

Last Updated: May 13, 2020 in Business Advice Editorial
What a Coronacoaster!

It’s certainly been a bit up and down hasn’t it? 

I don’t think we were only ones left feeling a bit flat after Sunday Night.

But with a few days to reflect, we truly believe this can be and is the time for your business to flourish.


We’ve actually now been given more certainty than we’ve had for a while since Sunday’s announcement (for The Collective no Mingling until July at the very earliest).

So for us, and probably you, the hard work starts now. 

Now is the time to dig deep, find new resolve, resilience and motivation like never before!

Feel Empowered

Let’s turn that flat feeling into a sense of empowerment.

We all have a why? A story, an ethos and a purpose behind our businesses.

Let’s keep talking about it. Let’s stay visible and use our own judgement and ingenuity to remain a trusted and valued business.

We all have expertise, knowledge and knowhow people need – even in lockdown – either to help people’s business move forward or to bring a bit of joy, health and happiness into someone’s life or their loved ones.

That could even be a post lockdown voucher treat or post lockdown party inspo.

Let’s not feel guilty. People still want and need our products and services. 

Small Business Love
New Instagram Small Business Sticker in Stories

What’s more, now more than ever, there is an appetite to support small businesses and to buy local, artisan, products made or grown with care and attention.

The spotlight is well and truly on you so let your business shine.  

We are certainly resolved to continue on our journey of redefining the way smaller independent businesses network (all be it virtually for now).

It’s not easy. And the Coronacoaster will continue to roll.

Our business, The Collective, was founded on our desire to create real-life, connections and collaborations between like-minded business owners based on friendship and trust.

Our inspiration was to banish the loneliness we have both felt in running our own hustle. And now here we are running our joint business together but socially distanced from each other and, to be honest, we miss the heck out of each other.

But we are so proud of the new online membership offering we have built because we know we’ve retained the all-important Collective CiiC effect for our members.

So we urge all independent business owners to stick to your values and ethos. Keep delivering on your why?

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support so you can pivot and pirouette your business through this new normal.

We know the support our members are giving each other is truly remarkable and hugely valued. It will also be remembered when lockdown and Covid-19 is a distant memory.

Good luck.

We’d love to know how you are diversifying and adapting. So drop us an email or DM us on Social.

Stay safe and keep well.

Abby and Helen x