How to Build & Find Your Social Community

Last Updated: August 24, 2018 in Social Media

How to find and build your business community

Embarking into the world of social media as a business can be daunting, as to do it well requires time, something not everyone has a lot to spare! *Enter Kitch* We take can take this off your hands, building your brand’s online presence to support all the hard work that’s being done offline.

Ways to find a strong business community online is to engage with other accounts regularly. We focus on creating daily engagement to facilitate ongoing online conversations with relevant accounts and your existing followers. This can help to support any relationships that you may have made in person.

It’s important when setting out a social media plan to remain consistent across all of your channels so that it’s easy for your community to identify you from all the other accounts they follow. Ensure that any filters or fonts you use on your images remain the same, on Instagram stories choose a font style and stick to it. This is something that we apply to one of our clients that use a lots of Instagram stories in their strategy.


Hashtags should also have some elements of consistency to them, choose the most relevant ones for your business as well as a few unique ones depending on the content within your post. This will increase your reach helping you to build further following.

Each social channel has different uses and it’s all about utilising each for their strengths to ensure they work as a tool for your business. For example, Twitter can be used as a place to engage with other accounts in real-time and works really well as a customer service tool, whereas Facebook is a great platform to create events, include a Facebook shop (if relevant), hold live videos and host social advertising campaigns. Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase the creativity within the business and show behind the scenes glimpses of the business through stories, which is an aspect of Instagram that we are huge fans of!

The important thing to remember with social media, is to keep it social! As soon as you forget this, followers will lose interest and become disengaged in your brand. Create conversations, get sharing and liking of others content and explore the wonderful world of social media and all it has to offer in supporting your business.

If you’re after more tips, we’re going to be at the Collective’s first mingle on 22nd August handing out some more social media knowledge to get you going, so we hope to see you there! In the meantime, check out our Digital Download on our website to get you thinking about how you can use social for your business.

All the love, Kitch x