05 May
09:30 - 11:00 Online

Coffee Catch-Up

It's Coffee Catch-Up Time!

Twice a month we connect over coffee, celebrate our wins, tackle pain-points, get creative and generally help each other to flourish. Everyone has the chance to be seen and heard and you'll end the meeting feeling inspired, motivated and part of something real.

To make them as special as possible, Catch-Ups are member-only affairs. So join the Collective family, and we’ll see you there!

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Tell Your Business Story

Our member Dicky Dale will be telling his story at this week’s Coffee Catch-Up. Dicky has had ‘multiple, successful’ careers in finance, media and engineering, and with his business partner David Williams, is now focused on ‘totally supporting the local community and economy’.  with their new venture Magaroo, which allows businesses to set up and sell online to their local community.