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The Collective is here for each and every one of you small business owners. Our online and in-person (when we can) events are where the magic happens. Every event is curated to provide opportunities to share experiences and expertise, gain knowledge and know-how and celebrate successes among your trusted business family.

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Our events are where the community really comes together.
Join The Collective family to make real connections with friendly faces at our online and (hopefully soon) in-person events.

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"When we attend a Collective event, online or in person, we know we're going to enjoy ourselves, feel part of something and meet some wonderful people. There's always a valuable takeaway that we can implement into the running of our business as well as something for our personal well-being from enjoying beautiful artwork whilst sipping on a locally made fizz or gin to learning about achieving a growth mindset. The Collective have it covered. "
Claire and Paul Barber