Collective Top Tips for Staying Motivated

Last Updated: March 30, 2021 in Business Advice Editorial Uncategorized Wellness

Do you sometimes struggle with motivation?
It happens to the best of us. As small business owners with life pulling us in many directions finding the get up and go each and every day can be tough.
So, we decided to ask our members for their top tips and we’ve collated them here for you. Getting outside, exercise and music are common themes and we agree totally invaluable when it comes to positivity and motivation.

Read on to find out more…

“For me it’s always MUSIC. I created a positivity playlist on Spotify with some of my favourite songs that always make me feel more positive. My go-to is ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen!” – Claire Skaptason, O & O Trainer Coach

“Getting outdoors really helps. The fresh air clears my mind and boosts my creativity without fail.” – Moira Lizzie Photography

“I second Claire; take listening to music to boss level by listening with headphones and immerse yourself. I’ve had both Handel and hip hop playing loudly today through the headphones!! 🤜🤛 I was feeling very ‘blah’ last week ~ things that pepped me up were sending energy outward by popping off a few messages to friends, having massive bowls of green veggies and watching comedy!!” – Tan, Nosh Snack

“For me an early morning walk always helps to keep my mind positive. Then before starting work, I enjoy a cup of tea and write a list of all my goals for that day. This always motivates me for the day ahead.” – Frankie, Nevill Argyle

“For me it’s going out for a walk and getting some fresh air. I pop on a motivational or comedy podcast and away I go. I find it helps me think more clearly and gives me space mentally and physically from the 4 walls of home. Enjoying reading the others, cranking up music is another fave for me too.” -Lorna, EsTeam Coaching

“I feel better for making sure I get outside every day, either for a walk or a visit to my Alotment. I always feel better after a bit of gardening, the weather is perking up now so have a look at my BLOG on my website for ideas on what you can be doing in the garden right now.” – Christine Fowler Garden Design

“Nature and music/podcast. Although, I’m one ear for nature and one ear for music/podcast! Blue views or green views – so grateful for the choice of both where we live.” – Elaine, Power Fitness Events

“Create yourself a fake commute – walk/exercise before and after work.” – Debbie, The Chichester Social

We hope thope tips helped and you now feel inspired to get dancing around your living room to some rock or to get outside and soak up some sun! H&A x