Coffee Catch Up with Square House Coffee

Last Updated: November 5, 2018 in Collaborations
Today we’re hosting a Coffee Catch Up with a difference.  Two of our members, Doug & Rachel from Square House Coffee Co will be offering some tips and tasters on how to get the best from your coffee at home, discover alternative brew methods and taste test their various single origin beans and blends to find your favourite.  They will be using various methods including the Aeropress, V60 drip filter, Moka pot, Cafetiere, espresso machine, Nespresso machine with reusable pods.

To celebrate learning how to brew coffee perfectly we thought we’d ask Rachel & Doug about their business to get to know them a little better…

1.  Please tell us your story.  How was Square House Coffee formed?
Square House Coffee was formed out of a joint appreciation (or addiction!) to coffee and a desire to build a business together. We got married in 2016 and decided we wanted to work together on a new venture. We very quickly settled on coffee being the product we wanted to sell and started working out how we could do that. It took us 3 months to put everything in place with sourcing beans, product design, website etc. and then launched in October 2017. It was always our intention to ensure that whatever business we started, that it would be run with strong ethical and social values; we wanted to ensure we were as eco friendly as possible and could give back to the society in some shape or form. We do that by using a mixture of recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging, by ensuring all our coffee beans are directly traded with farmers so we can be sure they are supported and  get paid a fair deal and then also by committing to give a percentage of our profits to local charity Children on the Edge who are making a massive difference in the lives of marginalised children throughout the world.
3.  What challenges did you face along the way?  What do you think are the main challenges to anyone starting up their own business?
Our main challenge we face is that of time (or lack of!)! We both work full-time in other businesses and have had to balance these with the new business and family life with 3 kids! We are at the stage now of transitioning over so we can put more hours into the business but that can be tricky. Another challenge has been navigating gaps in our experience, knowledge and skills and finding the right people to bring in to help us with different areas. Luckily, through friendship and contacts we have been able to fill those gaps and invite other people to be part of the journey with us.
4.  What are your future plans for Square House Coffee?  
We would love to bring in some other beans from across the globe into our current offering and also are working on adding a decaf option as well. We are always trying to expand our audience and get our coffee into more homes and work places but maybe one day we will be able to serve fresh coffee in our very own Square House Coffee House.

5. What can people expect from Square House Coffee?  How would you describe your coffee?

People can expect great tasting, high quality, freshly roasted coffee beans from us.  We don’t only supply beans, we grind to order so it is always going to be fresh. Our single origin beans and blends offer a variety of coffee to suit a variety of tastes so we are confident that everyone will find a coffee they love (unless they hate coffee, in which case we can’t guarantee that!).
6.  And finally, how can we order Square House Coffee?
You can order online at If you are unsure of which coffee to go for, a good option would be our selection box so that you get to try them all. We are always happy to customise orders so feel free to contact us on the website if there is anything we can do to help. We also offer a subscription service so you automatically get coffee delivered to your door every week/fortnight/month (however severe your coffee drinking habit is!) without having to place an order every time.
Thank you so much Rachel & Doug!  We too hope we can enjoy your coffee at your very own café one day soon and we are sure we will.