Christmas is coming…Have you got your content ready?

Last Updated: November 21, 2018 in Business Advice

Our member Kate Coote, a digital expert who runs her own digital marketing agency KateCoote.,has very kindly written a guest blog for us giving her top five tips on getting your digital content right over the festive season.

Christmas is coming… But these days it’s not the geese getting fat that herald its arrival. Instead, it’s the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert! This hotly anticipated production seems to get glitzier each year. With big name stars par for the course, social media channels begin to get clogged up with pre-Christmas schmaltz come mid-November. So, how do small businesses grab a slice of Internet airtime when they’re competing with the big business blockbuster? The answer is simple, clever content marketing.

Here are five ideas to include in your Christmas content marketing calendar:

Pop up the decorations – Nothing gets us in the mood for Christmas more than a touch of tinsel or festoon of fairy lights. So, make sure that your online channels are decked out for the holiday season. Pimp up your social profiles by swapping out your cover photos or adding a festive flourish to your logo. One word of warning, these changes should be subtle so as not to dilute your brand. Think glittering fairy lights, rather than the whole Santa on the roof display!

Throw a party – Everybody loves a festive get-together, and it doesn’t have to be an all-nighter. Use your social channels to let your regular customers know a date to call in and join you for a mince pie and glass of fizz. If you don’t have a store or business premises, take the party online! Increase your brand awareness and strengthen your community with a Twitter party. Or use Facebook’s new ‘Watch Party’ feature. Throw in some festive giveaways and Christmas tips. You could even provide some entertainment in the form of a special guest.

Give, and you will receive – Christmas is a time for exchanging gifts, so why not delight your customers with a little Secret Santa? Now, I’m not talking discounts, because if you’re a small business owner, you’ll know as well as I do that it’s impossible to compete with high street names on price. But small businesses will often offer levels of customer service that the big boys just can’t match because their corporate hands are tied. Could you provide a personal ‘Wishlist’ service or free gift-wrapping? Or how about extending your returns period? Think of twelve ways that your business adds value to customers, then focus on these benefits to create your twelve days of Christmas content calendar.

Join forces for charity – The festive holidays are traditionally a time to count our blessings and give a little something back. Partner up with other small businesses that share your brand values and do something good for a local charity. You could create a reverse Advent calendar and invite customers and other businesses to donate. Your customers will always feel better about spending their hard-earned cash with you, knowing that you’re a force for good.

Play Santa to the stressed – We all need a little help with our Christmas preparations but shoving a list of products or services under your customer’s noses with an ostentatious label saying ‘Buy This’ is not necessarily the way to make things easier for them. Try to practice the art of not selling and be helpful in ways that will relieve their pre-Christmas stress. It might be a practical countdown calendar with daily tasks that should be completed before the man in the red suit arrives!

Whichever way you choose to create Christmas content always make sure your Calls to Action are the tree topper. Your online visitors should be drawn to the sparkling star that tells them exactly what you’d like them to do next!

Thank you Kate for this fantastic and extremely helpful blog.

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