Being Authentic Can Be Scary But It’s Petrifying When You’re Not

Last Updated: November 13, 2020 in Business Advice

We’ve had a mini rebrand (thank you Sam from Penta Studio). We are rolling it out gradually ready for the New Year.

What? A rebrand? But you had a major rebrand less than 12 months ago?!?!?!

Yes, we did.  And it was totally in line with what we wanted, or what we thought we wanted,  so we could resonate with our ‘target audience’.

You see The Collective is proudly inclusive. Right from day one we always knew we wanted to create a community for ALL small business owners. So, we THOUGHT we needed to create a bolder, brighter, more inclusive brand. And, the brand identity we are moving away from definitely lived up to the brief…

But it wasn’t authentic to us, Helen and Abby.  It didn’t reflect us as people and our why. Six months into working under our new brand, we found ourselves struggling to be authentic to the true values and ethos that underpin the entire existence of The Collective.  Add into the mix the onset of a global pandemic (with all the pivoting that entailed) and we found ourselves seriously struggling to identify with our own business. A business that we had poured so much passion, energy, blood, sweat and a few tears into.

So, whilst we totally understand that putting yourself out there as a business owner, sharing your story and being truly authentic is scary…we have learnt that not being authentic to yourself and your values is petrifying!

This may all sound a little self-centred. With years of PR and Communications experience under my belt, I understand the importance of and am well versed in creating an influential voice for my clients that resonates with their audience. But each client I worked with had a why, an authenticity that I was able to tap into so that I could create connections and build authentic, meaningful conversations with their target audiences and stakeholders. And that’s exactly what Helen and I feel we can now do sincerely, honestly and passionately with our new brand identity.  We feel a huge weight has been lifted now we’re not trying to live up to a brand that wasn’t US. Life at Collective HQ feels wonderful.

Our passion is connecting small business owners, creating opportunities for them to inspire and be inspired and to help them to flourish in business and life.  We care deeply for our members’ well-being. Every event we curate we want to nurture them Mind, Body and Soul. 

Our new brand identity gives us the freedom to do this without barriers, it supports our vision and ensures we remain authentic to ourselves, our values and our members. 

We are excited to roll out more of our new branding soon as well as some amazing new member benefits and features that we just can’t wait to reveal to our members.

Our online membership is just £15.99 per month and you can see everything that’s included by clicking here.