The Collective exists to empower, support and inspire small business owners and to overcome the isolation and overwhelm that exists when you run your own business.
"After 10 years running my own photography business, I really value the importance of genuine connections and having a friendly community at your side. Through The Collective I have found a safe space where I don't mind asking for support and often putting myself outside of my comfort zone. Like so many of our members I constantly feel like I'm juggling everything but with fellow Collective members at my side it's become a lot less scary and I don't feel alone anymore. "
Helen x
"Traditional ‘business networking’ is out of my comfort zone. Mingling with The Collective, you’ll notice the extra mile we go to make it unique, enjoyable and valuable. As a natural champion of people, I’m incredibly proud of the opportunities our members have to showcase their business without an ‘elevator pitch’ insight. Choosing to run your own business is courageous and bold. We’re not in the business of preying on insecurities. Our goal is to empower you, boost your self-esteem and inspire you to make your business flourish. "
Abby x

"Every element of The Collective is curated to ensure our members Connect, Inspire and Flourish at every opportunity."

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