We are an inclusive community that supports, empowers and celebrates small business owners mind body and soul

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The Collective is here for each and every one of you small business owners. Our online and in-person (when we can) events are where the magic happens.

What to expect

You’ll be joining a friendly community of people who simply ‘get’ you. They understand what it’s like to start, run and build a small business. They've experienced the ups and the downs and they know that we’re stronger at facing challenges when we have the support of likeminded people behind us.

A collective Mingle


Connect with those that share your shoes. Becoming a member of The Collective gives you instant support, infinite opportunities to collaborate and a wealth of business knowledge.

You’ll have around the clock access to our members forum as well as a host of educational resources at your finger tips to help guide your business decisions and support your wellbeing.

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Everyone has a voice at The Collective. We believe every member is an inspiration, on their own path, and has plenty to share that we all can learn from and be inspired by.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your story, knowledge and expertise with the community if you’d like to, and if you need an inspiration or motivation top-up, you won’t have far to go!

Get Inspiration


With a supportive community, twice-monthly coffee catch-ups, educational resources and monthly summits, you’ll have everything you need to flourish!

Our vision has always been to create a safe, welcoming space for small business owners to make real connections, feel supported and flourish in business.

We can't wait to welcome you to our small business family to Connect. Inspire. Flourish.

Ready to flourish?

Read the Reviews

Gayle Tong, Enrichment Coaching
"I feel supported, connected, championed."

"Who knew that you could feel such a part of a community whilst raising the visibility of your business from an online membership? I can't wait until we can all meet in person, but until then online is the next best thing!"

Ben Cross, British Flowers Rock Alstromeria
"I love the kick-ass vibe of The Collective."

"Super stoked to have made positive connections with people I now call friends which have led to awesome collaborations!"

Tan Littlefair, Nosh
"Where great friendships and collaborations are made."

"Being a member of The Collective means I am part of a flourishing, supportive community."

"The first Coffee Catch-Up inspired a whole new strand for my business."

I credit my first Coffee Catch-Up as a great source of inspiration for POWER Online - a no bike required concept that will continue beyond lockdown as an additional strand to my business. I've not missed Coffee Catch Up and they have proved to be invaluable anchors for me in this 'unprecedented' time.

Ian Crossley, Your Local Business Mentor
"Outstanding value for money"

The Collective offers outstanding value for money for so many reasons. I've gained new business, I've broadened my skills, I've developed mutually supportive relationships benefit and I've even launched a second business as a result of being a member of this incredible small business community.

Julia Britten JBS Print Design and Websites
"Chatting through ideas and problem solving has been priceless."

It’s reassuring to have the regular Coffee Catch-ups, where I know I can go and meet people that have become friends. Their support has been invaluable. Just knowing there is someone out there who can relate to issues I’m experiencing in the business and being able to chat through ideas and solutions has been priceless.

Nic Prichard, Pure Cariad
"I can follow-up on the Education Hub and learn as much as anyone."

What I absolutely love is the sense of community and how much everyone is prepared to help, support, give advice, and share experiences for the good of the group and each other. I have not been ‘active’ in the zoom catch ups or summits because of time commitments but I’ve been able to follow up on the online Education Hub and learn as much as anyone from the relevant and engaging resources available."

"The resources on the Education Hub are impressive"

Having helped Helen and Abby build their online Education Hub, I was so impressed by the breadth of resources created by the Community"

Laura Prudence Calligraphy
"I regularly dip into the educational videos to support my business."

The online resources The Collective has made available to support members Mind, Body and Soul are incredible. I regularly dip into the educational videos to support aspects of my business I'm working on. I also love the growing collection of resources that support our wellbeing and I'm delighted to have my 'Introduction to Calligraphy' resource to be among them."

Lucy Ashworth, The Sussex Snowdrop Trust
"The Summits provide clarity and insight."

The monthly summits, cleverly produced on a private Facebook group, provided clarity and insight into a variety of subjects from digital marketing prowess to yoga and even gin tasters!

Simon Brand, Enhancico Ltd
"The online Summits have been hugely educational and valuable."

“Having previously worked in-house before setting-up on my own, the online Summits have been hugely educational and valuable, particularly on the marketing and communication side of things. The opportunity to share my expertise has also brought me some business in too and has helped me to really think about my audience and how I can support and add value to their business.”

Savvy Sarah Harvey
"It’s great to be able to both share expertise and learn new skills."

The summits are a brilliant means of tapping in to other members’ expertise. I’ve picked up some valuable tips and advice which I’ve put into action in my own business. I’ve also delivered two online summit sessions. It’s great to be able to both share expertise and learn new skills!

Our passion is connecting small business owners, helping them to flourish in business and in life.

Ready to flourish?

Join us for just £15.99 monthly!

  • Join twice monthly Coffee Catch-Ups
  • View and participate in our monthly Success Summits
  • Gain instant access to our online education hub
  • Access our exclusive members-only Facebook Group
  • Create your own profile on the members directory to showcase your business
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts from our lifestyle and well-being partners
  • Benefit from substantial discounts on Collective Mingle and Workshop tickets

Best Value!

Pay for 12 months upfront for £159.99!

  • Get Two Months membership free!
  • ALL the benefits from the monthly membership

What's included in your Membership?

Your membership is so much more than simply making meaningful connections. Joining The Collective means saying goodbye to isolation and overwhelm and hello to instant support and invaluable know-how that will help you and your business shine:

  1. You'll connect with friendly, passionate, smart people like yourself and benefit from the collaboration, genuine referrals and knowledge sharing that follows.
  2. You’ll be welcomed to our Members Forum where you can chat, seek help and advice and celebrate successes.
  3. You’ll curate your own listing on our Membership Directory; intelligently designed to give you maximum exposure and opportunities to shine to a wider audience.
  4. You’ll gain immediate access to our Education Hub with hundreds of videos, articles, and guides for and by our members to help you and your business flourish.
  5. You’ll have two monthly opportunities to connect online with fellow members at our Coffee Catch-Ups where the community comes together to check-in, give support and be there for each other.
  6. You’ll watch and participate (if you want to) in our monthly Success Summits, hosted by experts sharing their knowledge to support you and your business Mind, Body & Soul.
  7. You’ll gain your own cheer-leading team - us - sharing and celebrating your success with our Member of The Month spot.
  8. You’ll receive substantial discounts on Collective Mingles and Workshops as well as exclusive offers from our lifestyle and well-being partners.

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